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Jubilee Cottage Holt End Lane Bentworth Alton GU34 5LF, Hampshire     Start Date: 30 Nov 2023 - Full Time    

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We have an exciting opportunity for 2-3 trainees to join our well established dog training organisation and r breeding establishment as Trainee dog trainers and Animal Care assistants.
Throughout their placement trainees will be working alongside highly experienced, skilled and dedicated people in our exceptional canine care operations.
We are looking for a highly motivated individuals who have a passion for companion canines and wish to develop their skills within the training and companion animal sector.

Canine Training; trainees are mentored and supervised by a member of the Board of Governors and Advanced Instructor of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers who is also a qualified and experienced Dog Behaviourist and Consultant in Canine Business Management. Trainees attend classes in Puppy Socialisation, Sociability Behaviour Training, Obedience and Agility and when appropriate attend behavioural consultations and one to one training sessions with clients, which may include handling stooge dogs. Trainees work, hands on, each day, training and managing dogs and puppies.
Canine Husbandry; trainees are mentored and supervised by a breeding and training specialist with 45 years experience of canine husbandry, training and breeding. They learn all aspects of canine care, law and ownership responsibilities, feeding and nutrition for all life stages, health testing, homing strategies and responsibilities, licensing requirements, parental selection, mating protocols, whelping, care of neonates and postpartum female canines and elderly and post operative care.

During their training placement, trainees are allocate specific puppies and dogs of varying ages and levels of training, the trainee focuses on working these dogs through formal training schemes and gaining their awards at all levels from Bronze through to Platinum Plus. Trainees also assist with dogs accepted for residential training and dogs with specific behavioural and re-training requirements such as separation anxiety, poor lead manners and inadequate social skills.

Day to day work includes dog walking, learning and practicing formal and social training methods both in class, at home and in public places, daily environmental maintenance, health monitoring, feeding, administering drugs as prescribed, weighing, worming, record keeping and business administration including refining operational solutions and updating formal operating procedures. Resident dogs are free ranging and there is no kennel work.

Trainees are provided with a training plan which provides a framework for their progression and which, on completion, verifies, to future employers and seats of learning, their skills, experience and dedication. We also provide references based on progression and aptitude, and assist trainees in assembling professional CVs, Cover Letters and Portfolios and in honing their interview techniques so that they are confident and well prepared when applying for future roles.

We have engaged both permanent staff and volunteers for over 25 years, following their work experience with us many have gone on to gain positions as; trainers with national animal welfare organisations, employees in wildlife and conservation initiatives, started their own businesses in the canine care sector, taken up college and university places and further studies to qualify as Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses, Veterinary Assistants and canine research fellows at Universities.

Trainees will undertake a placement of a minimum of 12 months with possible extension.

* 5 working days a week with two days off in seven
* Days off are not fixed and will vary from week to week
* Daily hours will vary but are typically 37.5 per week and do not exceed 40
* There may be occasional home sitting and emergency cover
* All living expenses are met by the employer
* The position is strictly live-in

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E mail graham@training for dogs, please include CV, Cover letter, and at least 2 professional References

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