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Wangfield Lane Southampton SO32 2DA, Hampshire     Start Date: 01 Aug 2022 - Full Time     £280 per week

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Our apprentices, whether they work with our Landscape or our Maintain teams, will gain experience of a wide range of horticulture and construction skills and knowledge including:

Understanding skills need to plant a range of plant, from shrubs and trees to herbaceous plants and lawns. You will learn how to care for them correctly, including basic irrigation methods and identifying plant deficiencies. You will also learn how to prepare a site for planting, including sowing, turfing, preparation of seed beds and mulchin
You will learn how to cultivate and improve soil through a range of methods, both by hand and using mechanical tools
You will gain experience of managing vegetation (weeds or overgrown plants) using power tools, hand tools and garden machinery
You will learn to use a variety of different tools and equipment such as spades, rakes, shovels, measuring equipment (such as tape measures and spirit levels), mowers, handheld strimmers and hedge cutters
We will show you how to construct and maintain a variety of garden structures, from patios or walls to fences and decking. You will learn how to present a finished site to the clients expectations
Health and safety and care for the environment are really important aspects of this role. You will understand the importance of following relevant health and safety processes and procedures, identifying hazards relevant to horticultural environments and preventing spillages
Both our Landscape and Maintenance teams – and therefore our Apprentices – will be trained to take on the following key responsibilities:

To ensure all the relevant vehicles, machinery and materials are available for the start of each working day
To be responsible for vehicle, and machinery
To ensure maintenance documents are completed and handed to the Hire Shop.
To be responsible for on – site maintenance and Health & Safety at all times
Keep accurate records of times and materials used on site
To ensure work is carried out to the specifications of the work schedule / plan
To report to the Manager any difficulties as soon as they occur, with proposed solutions, so they may be quickly remedied

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Please contact Apprenticeship Liaison Officer Karen Jackson.
01962 797452

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